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 “Forge knowledge to manage the development of good quality of life, happiness, security, awareness of the value of life and family for the Thais”


1. Undertake multi-disciplinary study and research to foster knowledge on management, development of quality of life at the individual, communal, social, and organizational levels

2. Undertake study and research on knowledge on the quality of life of developed countries as guideline to develop the Thai’s quality of life

3. Develop the indicator of the Thais’ quality of life and happiness

4. Serve as guideline to upgrade the Thais’ quality of life

5. Enhance cooperation with the public, private, and people sectors in the research and development of the indicator, leading to the development management of the quality of life of people in organizations

6. Provide trainings and knowledge to the personnel in the public and private sectors, organizations, networks, and the general public


1. Conduct integrated and systematic research

2. Disseminate research and knowledge to the public

3. Serve as guideline to develop public policy on the quality of life in various dimensions

4. Foster understanding and knowledge to personnel involved in the development of the quality of life



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