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Research Center is a central unit of National Institute of Development Administration. Its role and mission consist of promoting and supporting NIDA’s research, academic services, research funding services, and dissemination of research in various forms. The research focuses on the issues that solve the country’s problems and develop the country.  This is to enhance the quality of NIDA as a research institute and as an institute that provides academic services, as well as in response to NIDA’s long-term development strategies (2008-2022) under sub-strategy 6: maintain academic excellence in research programs and academic services that are outstanding and reflect the needs of society.

Research Center for Marketing of Economic Crops was founded in 2012 under Research Center, National Institute of Development Administration.  Research Center for Marketing of Economic Crops is operated by the personnel of the Center in cooperation with the faculty members of various schools of NIDA.  It aims to guide and solve the problems of Thailand’s marketing system of economic crops, and foster network of collaboration with research institutions as well as local and foreign organizations.






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