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Center for Competitiveness Research


-      Real estate is a business that is important to the general public and the country’s development

-      AEC integration

-      Develop knowledge on real estate business

-      Provide services on information, analysis, and academic services to the general public

-      Create wisdom on research and development on real estate


 1. Academic affairs The Center will implement the policy to establish NIDA as an institute of academic excellence in integrated real estate, covering all aspects and problems.

2. Human resource development of the Center itself as well as that of the private, public, and business sectors for higher efficiency.

3. Academic partnership It is the Center’s policy to expand partnership in academic services especially to academic institutions and the business sector interested in its own human resource development as well as to the public and the private sectors across the country.

4. Foreign affairs It is the Center’s policy to expand academic cooperation with academic and research institutions as well as those conducting trainings and seminars, produce media, and provide counseling services on real estate at the international level in the future.

Expected outcome

1. People involved in the real estate sector will receive new innovation to apply in business development for strong and secure growth.

2. The public and private sectors and the general public will receive information on real estate that is complete, correct, accurate, with convenient and speedy access to the information.

3. Personnel in the private and the public sectors and the general public will have knowledge, ability, and increased experience through trainings and will receive information and news from the Center.

4. Those interested will receive advice and counseling on investment, development, and on good, fair, and accurate project management.

5. Provide the opportunity for organizations or knowledgeable and capable individuals to give advice and counseling as well as lectures to the general public.


6. National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) is recognized and successful in providing academic services to the society.







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